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WEBB MARINE MOORING SYSTEMS are the best mooring systems on the market.  Capable of combating boat wakes, rough water, and other difficult situations such as open lake docking, docking in tidal situations, and for rafting two boats.  Any place where there is a docking or rafting problem, Dock-Shock is there to help.

WEBB MARINE MOORING & DOCKING SYSTEMS was developed to combat the age old problem of protecting your boat and dock without boat dock bumpers.  The DOCK SHOCK is a powerful, spring-loaded, telescopic shock absorber capable of handling severe conditions.  DOCK SHOCK is used on everything from float planes to shark diving cages rafted off swim platforms used in shark diving expeditions in the Pacific (See Testimonials).  Also a great product for antique boats (Dock Shock doesn't touch the boat), houseboats, pontoon boats, powerboats, sailboats, etc.  Excellent in a tidal situation; nothing under pressure, until needed.  You can take the DOCK SHOCK with you on your boating trips to provide safe worry-free docking.  See Testimonials The DOCK SHOCK is a powerful, spring-loaded, telescopic shock absorber capable of handling severe conditions ... great for antique boats, houseboats, pontoon boats, powerboats, sailboats and tidal situations

In most cases one DOCK SHOCK is all that is needed (for boats up to 25 feet.)  Marine whips, if they are tight enough at high tide, become too tight at low tide.  They are also unsightly and clutter the dock.  Fenders can be misplaced, (flip out of the way), or blow out in severe conditions and scrub the side of the boat.  None of these problems exist with Dock Shock !!! (The perfect dock equipment to replace boat mooring whips.

DOCK SHOCK the mooring system that replaces mooring whips.

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